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Summer 1994
Summer 1994

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 1994

Volume 11, Number 2


The Radiant Way
Although Mary Pratt’s world has grown darker, her paintings continue to burn with startling incandescence
by Robin Laurence
A photo-essay on migrant Mennonite farm workers in Canada and Mexico
by Larry Towell
No Exit
John Massey’s artistic career may be one of the most uncomfortable on record
by John Bentley Mays
True Grit
Susan Whitney pioneers the U.S. art market from her home base in Regina
by Nancy Tousley

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to exhibitions and events in the visual arts


The Ordeal of Eli Langer
What are the real issues underlying this artist’s persecution under Canada’s new anti-pornography laws?
by Robert Fulford


Attila Richard Lukacs
by Georges Bogardi
Judith Schwarz and Arlene Stamp
by Nancy Tousley
Susanna Heller
by Betty Ann Jordan
ROM’s Canadian Heritage Floor
by Douglas Fetherling
Louis de Niverville
by Robin Laurence
Kiki Smith
by Georges Bogardi
Textiles, that is to say
by Betty Ann Jordan
Margaret Priest
by Gary Michael Dault
Volker Seding
by Murray Pomerance
Lucy Hogg
by Robin Laurence
Mina Totino
by Scott Watson
Gerard Collins adn Glen Hamilton
by Ray Cronin
David Blackwood
by David Macfarlane
Cover: Portrait of Mary Pratt by Paul Orenstein

Summer 1994