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Summer 1989
Summer 1989

On newsstands June 15 to September 14, 1989

Volume 6, Number 2


Illumination Dance Gar Smith's explorations into the performance of sound and light By Gary Michael Dault Three Sisters Performance artist Tanya Mars explores the origin of the female species By Elke Town Design for Dining A preview of silver designs from Canada's top architects By Adele Freedman Ground Zero Painter Derek Root and the anxious architecture of raw power By Doug Coupland Time After Time-Honored Renée Van Halm moves from personal image-making to public discourse By Gillian MacKay Phyllis Fecit Phyllis Lambert's new Canadian Centre for Architecture By Geoffrey James

The Object

The Zeitgeist in the machine: perfect is the best disguise By Gary Michael Dault

The Screen

Wild things: a look at teenage gangs and their media relations By John Scott

The Female Gaze

Women's bodies, women's selves: reclaiming an artistic identity By Susan Crean

The Revolver

The embattled body: AIDS and the current crisis of representation By Dot Tuer

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts Compiled by Sarah Milroy


Jack Shadbolt By Maria Tippett Allan Harding MacKay By Dawn Rae Downton Sorel Cohen By Kitty Scott Greg Murdock By Robin Laurence Brian Goombridge By Earl Miller


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The writings on the wall: the fine art of reading the fine print By Sarah Milroy   Cover: Gar Smith, I Give Bliss, I Give Warning, 1982–85, Drawing from an installation, Acrylic, oil stick on New York Times newspaper, 22 x 60 in., Photo: Hal Roth
Summer 1989