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Spring 2002
Spring 2002

On newsstands March 15 to June 14, 2002

Volume 19, Number 1


What on earth are we to do with Douglas J. Cardinal? The Canadian architect shares his thoughts on his battle with the Smithsonian and the baroque roots of his work by John Bentley Mays Gerhard Richter: Spoon in Hand and Mirror in the Face With Richter's MOMA show the event of the season, thoughts on the contested roles of beauty and history in his art by Roald Nasgaard Garry Neill Kennedy: No More Boring Art The life, times and art of Canada's own conceptualist guru by Sherri Irvin The Bard Stripped Bare The Sanders Shakespeare and other adventures at the Canadian Conservation Institute by Gary Michael Dault Sympathy, Empathy, Museopathy A look back at last summer's ambitious site-specific curatorial project in Kingston by Nancy Tousley


Sponsored by the Fraser Elliott Foundation Eliza Griffiths by R.M. Vaughan

Out There

India: Modern Times by Bryne McLaughlin

Canadian Art

Claude Tousignant

Fast Forward

A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions

Gutenberg Galaxy

Books on the visual arts


Eli Langer by Rosemary Heather "Ganesh" by David Elliott Lynne Cohen by Stephen Horne Roberta McNaughton by Sophie Hackett Mara Korkola by Andrew Johnson The Royal Art Lodge by Robin Laurence Daniel Olson by R.M. Vaughan Dan Kennedy by Corinna Ghaznavi Geoffrey Farmer by Christian Giroux Shari Hatt by Terence Dick Nicolas Baier by Dionne McAffee Aernout Mik by Daniel Borins Cover: Eliza Griffiths, Arcadia, 1999, oil on canvas, 106 x 86.3 cm, photo Tim Wickens
Spring 2002