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Spring 1998
Spring 1998

On newsstands March 15 to June 14, 1998

Volume 15, Number 1


The Showman Twenty years ago, Pierre Théberge fumbled through a job interview at the National Gallery. Now he returns as the new director by Robert Everett-Green A Rake's Business Meet Patrick Painter, the energy behind Painter Editions in Vancouver and a new international blue-chip gallery in Los Angeles by Sarah Milroy Beauty of Another Order An interview with Ann Thomas, who has curated a ground-breaking exhibition of science-based photography by Steven Manford The Best Looking Man Kenneth Clark thought so, and in the nineteen-fifties there were others who believed Alan Jarvis was just the man to come back from London, England, to the head the National Gallery in Ottawa by Douglas Ord At the Gates A running fence of steel and barbwire cuts a swath between the U.S. and Mexico and the cities of San Diego and Tijuana. Insite97, and its Canadian contingent, takes the border as its subject by Dot Tuer

On Assignment

Of Floods and Storms Gary Salewicz


Sponsored by The Fraser Elliot Foundation David Janzen by John Bentley Mays

Canadian Art

Tess Taconis

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to the season's best exhibitions and events in the visual arts


Jeannie Thib/Michelle Gay by Gary Michael Dault Kelly Mark by Eileen Sommerman Roland Brener by Ihor Holubizky Sensation by Carol Peaker Vera Greenwood by Lee Parpart Monica Tap by Robin Laurence Istanbul Biennial by Stephen Horne Sandra Rechico by Corinna Ghaznavi Real Time by Petra Halkes Of Fire and Passion by David Liss New York/North York by John Kissick Marie-Claude Bouthillier by Jennifer Coüelle Yunhee Min by Kitty Scott Cover: Alan Jarvis, by J. Karsh, Courtesy National Gallery of Canada
Spring 1998