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Spring 1991
Spring 1991

On newsstands March 15 to June 14, 1991

Volume 8, Number 1


Speaking Her Piece In her installations, Joey Morgan deals with the individual's voice in response to the world By Robin Laurence Mapping the Inner City Brian Kipping's urban landscapes By Ihor Holubizky Icons and Allegories The sculpture garden of Melvin Charney By Robert Fulford Divine Comedy Eric Cameron's work links the disorder of lived experience to the order of art By Nancy Tousley Garry Neill Kennedy is a conceptual artist, a critic and a funny man. And it's about time we gave him the recognition he deserves. By Ian Wiseman

The Screen

I saw the news today oh boy: television and the Gulf War By John Scott

The Female Gaze

If you knew Emily: a reevaulation of Carr's painting and writing By Susan Crean

The Object

The Ferrari bicycle and other vanities for the bonfire By Gary Michael Dault

The Revolver

Cultural shock: the maddening management of Italian museums By Loral Dean

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts


Isaac Applebaum By Donna Lypchuk Alison Rossiter By Cheryl Simon Rita McKeough By Beth Gibson Marianna Schmidt By Robin Laurence Susan Schelle By Jane Perdue Harold Town 1924–1990 By John Reeves


to artists and galleries, listed by artist or institution   Cover: Melvin Charney. Photograph by Renzo Cattoni.
Spring 1991