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Spring 1990
Spring 1990

On newsstands March 15 to June 14, 1990

Volume 7, Number 1


Skin Deep The beauty and resonance of Geneviève Cadieux's installations come from her mixing of memory with desire By Peggy Gale Prototypes For Vancouver design collective Proto/zoan, the materials are a large part of the message By Douglas Coupland Images of Innocence and Experience Julie Voyce prints her heart out Abandonment and Grace The architectural interventions of Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe By Renee Baert Le Jardin Imaginaire An exploration of gardens as living metaphors By Susan Crean Worlds Within Worlds Using materials ranging from the miniature to the mass-produced, Kim Adams constructs a vision of society that is at once playful and subversive By Nancy Tousley

The Object

Guns R Us: for many men actions speak louder than words By Gary Michael Dault

The Screen

The men's club: Rambo ain't heavy he's my brother By John Scott

The Female Gaze

Moving pictures: women who are everywhere yet belong nowhere By Susan Crean

The Revolver

The illusion of progress: more space doesn't mean better museums By Maria Tippett

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts


David Bierk By Matthew Hart Alan Belcher By Jane Perdue Libby Hague By Deirdre Hanna Janis Bowley & Oliver Kellhammer By Nancy Paterson Lorne Wagman By Martin Dowding Jeffrey Spalding By Michael Boxall


to artists and galleries, listed by artist or institution Cover: Geneviève Cadieux, Hear me with your eyes, 1989, One element of a triptych shown entirely on page 5. Photo enlargement mounted on a wood screen, 98 x 122 in.
Spring 1990