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Spring 1986
Spring 1986

On newsstands March 15 to June 14, 1986

Volume 3, Number 1


Songs of Experience At the National Gallery of Canada, a landmark exhibition reflects the public and private concerns of a new generation of artists. By Peggy Gale Harold Town From Rembrandt to musclemen: a freewheeling discussion with Harold Town on the eve of his retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario. By Gary Michael Dault Bread and Surfaces Architecture at Expo 86: only a handful of the pavilions at the fair rise above the high-tech gospel according to the Social Credit. By Trevor Boddy Wildlife at the Top In Canada, wildlife art has become more of a cottage industry than an aesthetic pursuit. By Hubert de Santana Milton Avery's Landscape Legacy A brilliant colourist and shape maker, Milton Avery created images of Canada that laid the foundations for many of our landscape artists. By Karen Wilkin The Dark Visions of Donigan Cumming One of Montreal's most controversial artists tests the conventions of documentary photography. By George Bogardi


The Cognac connection, Isokwitz turns patron, Art Bank on the road, Dief watching, Bauhaus blowout in Montreal and a slice of Chuck Stake.


Montreal painting in the '60s, new Liz Magor, Toronto thinks architecture, Kenojuak revisited and Janice Gurney does some damage.

Book Reviews

The complete Guggenheim, Mondrian, Matisse and a catalogue of treasured by Judaica reviewed by Richard Perry. Plus: Lismer cartoons and notes on moernism in Toronto.

Art & Money

Canada Council in the hot seat and the mystery of Jack Chambers's Dormer Tribute print.

Point of View

At a lively and provocative conference in Vancouver, women tussled with the problem of expressing their erotic experience in art. By Varda Burstyn


Innova Scotia By Harry Thurston Ecrans Politiques/Political Reflections By Serge Bérard The Physicality of Landscape/Atmosphere Synthesis By David McFadden Ray Mead: Recent Paintings By David Burnett Art in Situ By René Blouin Architecture Speaks to a Museum That Fell From the Sky By Gary Michael Dault Eric Fischl By Karen Wilkin Visual Facts: Photography & Video By Eight Artists in Canada By Christina Richie Cover: Portrait of Jessica Bradley and Diana Nemiroff by Michel Pilon.
Spring 1986