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Fall 2008
Fall 2008

On newsstands from September 15 to December 14, 2008


The Haunting Marcel Dzama brings history and politics into his three-dimensional fantasy worlds in a major New York show Joseph R. Wolin Weightless The rule-breaking veteran abstract painter John Heward finds a “perpetual present” Gary Michael Dault Journeys with Geoffrey A fellow traveller reflects on the artistic evolution of the Toronto-based photographer Geoffrey James Michael Mitchell Object World the extravagantly crowded surreal scenarios of the up-and-coming painter Etienne Zack Robin Laurence Enduring Messaging A Canadian new-media pioneer asks are microcommunications an art form? Tom Sherman


Sponsored by The Fraser Elliot Foundation in memory of Betty Ann Elliot Tag Team The sculptural conspiracy of Christian Giroux and Daniel Young by Ben Portis


Life in Space by Richard Rhodes


A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions

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Books on the visual Arts

In Review

Shirley Wiitasalo Jen Hutton Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins Rhonda Corvese Patrick Bernatchez Jacob Wren Martin Golland Pete Smith Sorel Cohen Diana Nemiroff everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler Aaron Peck Québec Triennial Cameron Skene Andrew Rucklidge David Balzer Marie Lannoo Marie Leduc Diane Morin/Nelly-Eve Rajotte Dan Adler Evan Lee Lauren Rosenblum Simon Starling Ashley Johnson Francine Savard E.C. Woodley Neil Wedman Ben Reeves Yann Pocreau Marie-Eve Beaupré

Canadian Art International

Terence Koh by Sascha Hastings Kristan Horton by Terrance Heath Thomas Nozkowski by Nick Ostoff Franz West by Cathérine Hug Nigel Cooke by Louise Spence
Fall 2008