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Fall 2005
Fall 2005

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 2005

Volume 22, Number 3


Bastard Offspring of the Photoconceptualists The shaggy social-realist vernacular of the internationally emerging Vancouver artist Steven Shearer by Deborah Campbell Surprising Sharjah A Canadian artist doubles as curator in a first-hand report from a growing Gulf state biennale by Ken Lum The Shape of Colour The Art Gallery of Ontario reclaims the vivid history of modern painting in David Moos's first major test as curator by Robert Linsley Pacific Prison A veteran Montreal artist is touched by the long arm of the law on Easter Island by Bill Vazan The Visible Man From Vancouver to Basel: the famed Canadian photographer Jeff Wall on the eve of his biggest show ever by Murray Whyte MOMA's Moment The new Museum of Modern Art has work to do by John Bentley Mays


The Linden School by Kimberley Noble


Sponsored by the Fraser Elliott Foundation in memory of Betty Ann Elliot Kent Monkman by David Liss

Fast Forward

A Canada-wide guide to the season's best exhibitions

Gutenberg Galaxy

Books on the visual arts

Canadian Art International

Anton Henning by Laurel MacMillan Edgar Martins by Terri Whitehead


The Mr. Peanut Mayorality Campaign of 1974 by Allan Antliff Monica Tap/Nick Ostoff by Marshall Webb Christian Kuras by Vanessa Kwan Vera Greenwood by Emily Falvey Kristine Moran by Randy Gladman Donigan Cumming by Carla Garnet John Hartman by Christopher Willard Luis Jacob by David Balzer Barbara McGill Balfour by Caroline Seck Langill Dedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening by Leah Sandals Ann Course by Wojciech Olejnik Lorna Simpson by Sascha Hastings Eva Brandl by Yvonne Lammerich Etienne Zack by Séamus Kealy Cover: Steven Shearer, HASH, 2004, oil on linen, 45.7 x 35.5 cm, private collection, Naples, Italy
Fall 2005