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Fall 1998
Fall 1998

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1998

Volume 15, Number 3


Spotlight: Max Streicher The Toronto artist's space-invading, air-filled sculptures bob and sway to an oddly sinister beat by Corinna Ghaznavi Secrets and Lies Artist Betty Goodwin has built a career on existential meditation. On the eve of an important exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario, she reflects on thirty years of art-making by Gerald Hannon Robert Bourdeau Makes a Photograph Canada's senior large-format photographer travels to Europe to survey a landscape of smelters, steel mills and industrial abandon by Gary Michael Dault

Nota Bene

Joyce Wieland by Iris Nowell

At Auction

Lord Elgin's Chieftain by Steven Manford

On Assignment

Marilyn Westlake by Richard Rhodes

Canadian Art

Will Gorlitz

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to the season's best exhibitions and events in the visual arts


Roy Kiyooka by Judith Mastai Sarah Sze by Carol Peaker Joe Plaskett by Maria Tippett Gary Neill Kennedy by Jen Budney Don Maynard by Lee Parpart Realities by Blake Gopnik La Cour des Miracles by John Massier John Dickson by Eileen Sommerman David Merritt by Betsy Warland Barbara Todd by Nancy Tousley
Fall 1998