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Fall 1992
Fall 1992

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1992

Volume 9, Number 3


Barbara Steinman From Quebec's language laws to the plight of the homeless, this Montreal installation artist has a knack for confronting issues no one wants to talk about by Gillian MacKay Agnes Martin Demystified This Canadian-born painter has an art-world reputation as the high priestess of modernism. As it turns out, she's the most down to earth woman ever to put brush to canvas by John Bentley Mays Alan Glass Field notes on a migratory Canadian by Linda Genereux To Montreal A refugee of the Cold War recalls his first glimpse of a strange new world by George Bogardi, photography by Geoffrey James Aganetha Dyck She shrank the laundry. She deep-fried the buttons. Now she's collaborating with honeybees. Underlying it all is the feminist slogan "Why not?" by Nancy Tousley

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada guide to exhibitions and events in the visual arts


Architecture The Oedipus Edifice: Seldom has the ritual of father-killing been so flamboyantly performed as in the architectural history of the Art Gallery of Ontario by Robert Fulford


Documenta IX by Richard Rhodes Jack Goldstein by Nancy Tousley Jocelyne Alloucherie by Ann Duncan Jeffrey Spalding by Peter O'Brien Robert Youds by Ihor Holubizky Naissance et persistance by John Grande Pour la suite du monde by George Bogardi Women of the North by Charlotte Townsend-Gault Jane Ash Poitras by Annette Hurtig Subject/Matter by John Murchie Film Wayne's World by Murray Pomerance Books Vancouver Anthology & At the York by Douglas Fetherling   Cover: Geoffrey James, Rue St. Laurent, Old Montreal (detail), 1989
Fall 1992