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Fall 1990
Fall 1990

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1990 - Volume 7, Number 3


Painting in the World The work of Christian Eckart By Nancy Tousley Liz Magor By Gillian McKay Windows Through the Curtain Communist Europe before the Fall of '89 By David Hylnsky Towards a New Functionalism Putting IKEA's success into a theoretical context By Eva Douglas

The Female Gaze

A voice of her own: Doris McCarthy writes as energetically as she paints By Susan Crean

The Object

Baby, it's for you: the solipsistic nature of the generalized baby toy By Gary Michael Dault

The Screen

Motorcycle madness: why feminists succumb to macho blandishments By John Scott

The Revolver

Cultural convergence: or, should artists appropriate native imagery? By Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts


Reinhard Reitzenstein By Kate Taylor Brent Boechler By Michael Boxall Bette Woodland By Meeka Walsh Robert McNealy By Martin Dowding Robert Young By Robin Laurence Evan Penny By Gary Michael Dault Catherine Widgery By Betty Ann Jordan Ron Moppett By Nancy Tousley Ludmila Armata By Betty Ann Jordan Harold Klunder By Linda Genereux Peter Day 1949–1990 By Gordon Montador Robert Markle 1936–1990 By Graham Coughtry


to artists and galleries, listed by artist or institution   Cover: David Hlynsky, Woman Smoking in Shadow, Bulgaria, 1989
Fall 1990