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Fall 1989
Fall 1989

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1989

Volume 6, Number 3


The World As I Saw It The visionary physics of Tom Dean By Sarah Milroy At the Silent Centre Tracing personal and cultural history with Irene F. Whittome By Peggy Gale Lightness of Being As both photographer and book designer, Michael Torosian turns the photographic portrait into an artifact By John Reeves Dead-Tech Revisited Medrie MacPhee's industrial poetics By Adele Freedman The Beauty of the Weapons Stan Douglas does battle with the armies of the modernist night By Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker Steelworker The furniture of sculptor John McKinnon Jack Goldstein Epiphany as white noise By Douglas Coupland

The Female Gaze

A painterly persistence: when a rose is more than a rose By Susan Crean

The Object

Wheels within wheels: privilege and deprivation on the move By Gary Michael Dault

The Screen

Wild things two: a continuing look at gangs and the media By John Scott

The Revolver

Cultural amnesia: meditations on art and the end of history By Ihor Holubizky

Fast Forward

A cross-Canada checkup of people and events in the arts Compiled by Sarah Milroy


Doug Walker By Bruce Grenville Micah Lexier By Elke Town Rafael Goldchain By Alberto Manguel Janice Gurney By Donna Lypchuk John Hartman By Matthew Hart Eleanor Bond By Robert Enright Ken Lum By Earl Miller Lois Steen By Maria Tippett


to artists and galleries, listed by artist or institution   Cover: Tom Dean, Detail from Excerpts from a Description of the Universe, 1986, Felted wool, 24 x 18 in., Photo: J. Williamson
Fall 1989