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Fall 1985
Fall 1985

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1985

Volume 2, Number 3


Personal Bests Who will survive the turbulent '80s with reputations intact? Who's been overlooked? With whom would noted artists collaborate? Canadian Art asked critics, curators, dealers, collectors and of course artists themselves to reveal their personal choices. Gathie Falk At once whimsical, troubled and bizarre, the enigmatic art of Gathie Falk is presented in the Vancouver Art Gallery's 20-year retrospective exhibition. By Scott Watson and Sandra Martin Raising Kane The commissioned works of Paul Kane preserve a peculiarly 19th-century image of the North American Indian. By Ramsay Cook Venus as Victim Contemporary women painters Joanne Tod, Sue Coe and Nancy Spero confront the politics of representation. By Katherine Govier Passage through India On a trip through India's many exotic climes, George Woodcock observed the changes wrought on the work of his friend and travelling companion, Toni Onley. By George Woodcock Henri Robideau A Vancouver photographer turns his talent to stalking Canada's roadside giants. By Daniel Wood


A Cruise through Toronto's sculpture garden, Aiko Suzuki's fibre optics, a Riopelle repository for Quebec, close encounters with UFO believers.


The later work fo Lawren Harris and Arthur Lismer, notes from Berlin, ceramicists fire up in Toronto, fall shows of Pratt, Thauberger, Atget, Aalto et al.

Book Reviews

Richard Perry reviews a definitive work on Henri Rousseau and Books in Brief: Duane Hanson's polyester proles, Christo's megawrappings, Motherwell's prints.

Art & Money

The new Tory look of the Canada Council, prints raise the level of hotel art, a curious "Constable".


Alex Wyse: Presence From the Past By Peter Millard Medrie MacPhee: Recent Works By Karen Wilkin John Hall: New Paintings By David Burnett Lynn Donoghue: Presence and Memory By David Burnett The Art of Glass/Melting Point By Michelle Heinemann Alex Cameron in Mid-Career By David P. Silcox Brian Porter: Paintings and Drawings 1981-84 By Harry Thurston Allyson Clay By Mark Harris David Pellettier: Points of Reference By Peter Such News From Nova Scotia By Peggy Gale Cover: Portrait of Carol Wainio by Michael Pilon.
Fall 1985