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Fall 1984
Fall 1984

On newsstands September 15 to December 14, 1984 - Volume 1, Number 1


Thinking Big Winnipeg artist Wanda Koop plucks her images from the prairie landscape and creates billboard-sized paintings that speak volumes. By Robert Enright Paint Considering the sublunary nature of pigment, you'd think painters would get used to it. They don't. They talk about paint as lyrically as Cyrano de Bergerac talked about the moon. By Gary Michael Dault The Right Space A veteran photographer and chronicler of the art scene visits spectacular artists' studios from Newfoundland to British Columbia. By John Reeves E.J. Hughes in Perspective Alternately labelled a regionalist, a realist or a primitive painter, E.J. Hughes has personalized the British Columbia coastal landscape. By Scott Watson Jack Bush Critics, friends and colleagues pay tribute to the remarkable life and art of an internationally acclaimed painter. Going Through the Notions It was 1984. Everything General Idea had said would come true had come true. The biggest idea of all had come true. The general idea. By Jay Scott Postmodernism The shape of things to come or a remembrance of things past? Architects are thrashing out the meaning of postmodernism. By Adele Freedman Dressing Up From the people who brought you Chromazone--an evening of fashion dionysiatrics created by Toronto artists and produced by Tim Jocelyn. Ken Thomson's Magnificent Obsession The country's foremost collection of paintings by Cornelius Krieghoff has been amassed by the man who rules the Thomson corporate empire. By Christopher Hume


The 41st Venice Biennale, Andre Durand paints Pop John Paul II, Opening doors to Bouguereau, Painting the Figure, The troubled Loeb bequest...


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Art & Money

Our man at Sotheby's, Price watch, One-man shows, The great Gretzky deal   Cover: Portrait of Wanda Koop by William Eakin
Fall 1984