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Regan de Loggans

Regan de Loggans (Mississippi Choctaw/ Ki’Che Maya) is a two-spirit agitator, art historian, curator and educator based in so-called Brooklyn, New York, on Lenape land. Their work relates to decolonizing, indigenizing, and queering institutions and curatorial practices. They are one of the founding members of the Indigenous Kinship Collective: NYC. They have staged actions at the Whitney Biennial, American Museum of Natural History and on the MTA Subway in response to continued settler colonialism and institutionalized racism and violence.  
Mistikôsiwak: Monkman at the Met

Mistikôsiwak: Monkman at the Met

Kent Monkman's latest large-scale history paintings are installed in the grand entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art—but who is the audience for these works? And whose stories do they tell? An activist and art historian gives them a close read