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Agenda / August 10–August 20, 2019

VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism

Ade Adesina (UK), Alex Lavrov (Canada), Barry Gordon (USA), Clara Aden (Nigeria), Goran Makeski (Switzerland), Leo Labelle (Canada), Le Vo Tuan (Vietnam), Oliver Pocsik (Hungary), Rik Lina (Netherlands), Vladimir Kolosov (Canada), Ulfur Karlsson (Iceland).
Courtesy VOYZX Fine Art Project.
On-Tak Cheung Exhibition Hall

2nd floor, 555 Columbia Street

Vancouver, British Columbia


August 10–August 20, 2019


Vladimir Kolosov

Eleven artists, eleven ways of search, art manners, and statements reflected in the artworks with every piece interacting with the viewer. They immerse the viewer to go from the ordinary into the state of contemplation and thoughtful comprehension of our inner and outer worlds.