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Agenda / November 30–January 04, 2020


Bob Bozak, Paul Butler, Greg Curnoe, Fred Chartrand, Scott Conarroe, Peter Doig Mauro Fiorese, Simon Hughes, Larry Humber, Anthony Jenkins, Brian McFarlane, Jason McLean, Janet Morton, Graeme Patterson, Liz Pead, Roch Smith, Robyn Thomas, Diana Thorneycroft and The Turofsky Brothers
Peter Doig "Subban and Nolan", Etching, 2017, Etching with spitbite, hardground, sugarlift, Ediiton fo 20, 16 x 13 in. Peter Doig, Subban and Nolan, 2017. Etching with spitbite, hardground, sugarlift, Ediiton of 20, 16 x 13 in.
Michael Gibson Gallery

157 Carling Street

London, Ontario


November 30–January 04, 2020


Michael Gibson

From kitch to contemporary art, our “Hockey” show includes historic photos, landscapes made with hockey equipment, altered hockey cards, painted hockey memorabilia, amateur frozen pond hockey paintings and a hockey print by Peter Doig.