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Agenda / January 26–March 03, 2019
Editors' Pick


Derya Akay, Maya Beaudry, Francesca Blomfield, Colleen Brown, Sarah Davidson, Lucien Durey, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Sharona Franklin, Ezra Gray, Tiziana La Melia, Arvo Leo, Emily Neufeld, Ebony Rose, Alex Tedlie-Stursberg, Tristan Unrau among others
Arvo Leo, No Pipeline, 2018. Photo: Dennis Ha.
Unit 17

2954 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, British Columbia


January 26–March 03, 2019

“SUPER, NATURAL” focuses on new and recent painting, sculpture, prints and publications from a range of Canadian and international artists. This exhibition launches a publishing arm of the gallery as well as initiatives to build a carbon-neutral exhibition space, studio & garden.

Editors' Comment

A terrific lineup of artists attracts in “SUPER, NATURAL”—the title of the exhibition of course being a play on British Columbia’s license-plate motto, as well as ongoing conflicts in these territories around land, pipelines, real estate and so-called “development.” The title could reference some of the art materials used as well: Tiziana La Melia’s Memory Soups Potpourri Bomboniere (2018) includes eggshells, lavender, bayleaf, eggs, sugared almond stone, borlotti beans, clam shells, fava bean, rose petals, burdock burrs and fish bait in its media list. Arvo Leo’s No Pipeline (2018) cyanotype uses plants and leaves to make its message legible. Interestingly, the exhibition also marks Unit 17’s launch of a publishing program, reading room and bookstore space.