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Agenda / February 24–March 27, 2021
Editors' Pick


Marissa Sean Cruz, Whess Harman, Keiko Hart, Max Lander, and Lucas LaRochelle
Design by Xuan Ye. Font: "Act Up Protest" by GenderFail. Design by Xuan Ye. Font: "Act Up Protest" by GenderFail.

950 Dupont Street, Unit 1

Toronto, Ontario


February 24–March 27, 2021


Sean Sandusky and Dana Snow

“QUEERSPHERE” is a virtual exhibition modelled after early 2000s social media platforms that makes space for 2SLGBTQIA+ dreamographies, allowing Queer and Trans imaginations, social groups, and world-building to flourish online.



keikobot  a performance by Keiko Hart
Wednesday, February 24 | 7–9PM
Online via Discord


Curator Tour & Discussion
Friday, March 19 | 7–8PM
Online via Zoom (registration coming soon)

Editors' Comment

This exhibition takes on an early 2000s aesthetic, catering to many young queer folks who turned to early social media days to navigate their understanding of sexuality and gender (myself included). Featuring a number of Canadian Art’s Spotlight artists (past and present), the show navigates the closure of galleries due to the global pandemic and takes their platform online, making it accessible to attend and participate. The premise of the exhibition invites attendees to imagine a world that rejects the commodification of creative practices while nourishing Trans and Queer togetherness. —Adrienne Huard, editor-at-large