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Agenda / October 05–November 24, 2018

Prefix ICA presents On Being Illiberal

Carl Beam, Merritt Johnson and Fallon Simard
Fallon Simard, <em>Continuous Resistance Remix</em>(video still), 2013. Courtesy the artist. Fallon Simard, Continuous Resistance Remix(video still), 2013. Courtesy the artist.
Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art

124-401 Richmond Street West

Toronto, Ontario


October 05–November 24, 2018


Suzanne Morrissette

Prefix ICA presents “On Being Illiberal,” an exhibition that features three Indigenous artists: Merritt Johnson, Fallon Simard and the late Carl Beam. Curated by Suzanne Morrissette, the show is presented in association with the ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival.