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Agenda / February 27–April 18, 2021
Editors' Pick

Piitwewetam: Making Is Medicine

Shannon Gustafson, Ryan Gustafson, Justine Gustafson, Jade Gustafson
Justine Gustafson, First Portrait, 20 x 15 inches, velveteen, felt, seed beads, 2020. Justine Gustafson, First Portrait, 2020. Velveteen, felt, seed beads, 20 x 15 inches
Thunder Bay Art Gallery

1080 Keetwatin Street

Thunder Bay, Ontario


February 27–April 18, 2021


Leanna Marshall and Jean Marshall

This commemorative exhibition presents artwork by the Gustafson family, showing how beadwork and hand-made items come from an ecology of relationships and love. This exhibition honours their son and brother Piitwewetam (Rolling Thunder) also known as Jesse Gustafson.