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Agenda / November 07–April 30, 2020

NEW CIRCADIA (adventures in mental spelunking)

Scott Norsworthy Scott Norsworthy
Architecture and Design Gallery at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

1 Spadina Crescent

Toronto, Ontario


November 07–April 30, 2020


Richard Sommer, Natalie Fizer, Emily Stevenson and Laura Miller

New Circadia transforms the Daniels Faculty’s new 7,500 square-foot gallery into a cave-like atmosphere – a soft utopia designed as an antidote to our technologically-infused lives.

Exhibition support is provided through the Lorne M. Gertner Fund.


Concept and Curation
Richard Sommer, Daniels Faculty
Natalie Fizer, Pillow Culture
Emily Stevenson, Pillow Culture
Laura Miller, Daniels Exhibition Director

Contributing Artists
Sound: Mitchell Akiyama, Daniels Faculty
Oneiroi: Petros Babasikas, Daniels Faculty; Chrissou Voulgari, Toronto

Lighting: Conor Sampson, CSDesign, Montreal
Graphic Design and Wayfinding: Glen Cummings MTWTF, NYC

Design and Fabrication Team
Anton Skorishchenko- Lead Fabricator / Installation Manager, Daniels
Sutton Murray, Lead Designer, Pillow Culture
Robert Lee- Lead Installation Fabricator, Daniels
Zainab Al-Rawi- Exhibition Research and Design, Daniels