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Agenda / September 13–October 13, 2018
Editors' Pick


Amy Brener, Maegan Hill-Carroll, Zoe Kreye, Elise Rasmussen, Evann Siebens
Image courtesy of Amy Brener and WAAP.

1129 East Hastings Street

Vancouver, British Columbia


September 13–October 13, 2018


Wil Aballe

The artists in “Myths” are absorbed in questions of history, material, touch, contact and the body, creating new materialist feminist folklore.

Editors' Comment

A lineup of very strong artists makes this exhibition a must-see, particularly for those interested in presents and futures of feminist art. Edmonton-born, Brooklyn-based artist Elise Rasmussen is best known for uncovering a series of Ana Mendieta land-art works once thought lost, while Zoe Kreye has run collaborations with hospice communities in London, among other groups. Amy Brener, trained in Vancouver and now based in New York, makes large resin sculptures that would seem to update Venus of Willendorf and other Earth Mother imagery for the so-called information age. Siebens is a former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada whose works have shown at MoMA and Centre Pompidou, while Maegan Hill-Carroll reframes matter and hue in surprising ways.