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May we suggest

Agenda / August 07–August 18, 2018
Editors' Pick

I was uncategorical, and so, defiant

Rudi Aker, Yan Wen Chang, Alasdair Rees, Maryanna Hardy, Ricky Varghese, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Rebecca La Marre, Troy Gronsdahl, Nic Wilson, Elwood Jimmy, Christopher Lefler, Lauren Chipeur, Sophie Wonfor, Natasha Chaykowski, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Leona Nikolić, nènè myriam konaté, Amy Lam, Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau, Erin Whittier, Jordan Van Tassel, Lisa Theriault
AKA Artist-Run Centre
AKA Artist-Run Centre

424 20th Street West

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


August 07–August 18, 2018


Lucas Regazzi

Inspired by fraught local histories of censorship in the visual arts, Regazzi has invited 21 artists/writers/culturists to propose, within the form of an email, ways to critically respond to archival lack. Emails are printed and displayed in the gallery.

Editors' Comment

Curator Lucas Regazzi assembles a variety of important emerging voices to critique institutional archives–primarily ones that favour privileged demographics.