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Agenda / March 03–October 21, 2018

…Everything Remains Raw: Photographing Toronto’s Hip Hop Culture from Analogue to Digital

Craig Boyko, Michael Chambers, Stella Fakiyesi, Demuth Flake, Patrick Nichols, Sheinina Raj, Nabil Shash
Patrick Nichols, <em>10013 Michie Mee</em>, 1993. Patrick Nichols, 10013 Michie Mee, 1993.
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

10365 Islington Avenue

Kleinburg, Ontario


March 03–October 21, 2018


Dr. Mark V. Campbell

A photographic exploration of the resilience of hip hop culture and asks why this supposed ‘fad’ has not faded away? Archival photographs, as visual representations of hip hop culture in Canada, guide this exhibition’s exploration on the evolution and longevity of this now global cultural phenomenon.