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Agenda / January 30–June 07, 2020
Editors' Pick

Crocodile Tears

Alan Belcher, Mike Bourscheid, Gabi Dao, Lucien Durey, Deborah Edmeades, Babak Golkar, Neil Haas, Karilynn Ming Ho, Nadya Isabella, Anne Low, Shahin Sharafaldin, Douglas Watt
Babak Golkar "Made in Canada" 2018 Babak Golkar, Made in Canada, 2018.
Unit 17

2954 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, British Columbia


January 30–June 07, 2020

“Crocodile Tears” is a pan-generational exhibition that sharpens vital critiques around our increasingly corporatized communities. This exhibition is presented in three parts and begins to re-develop the gallery’s identity, celebrating its third year in operation.

Editors' Comment

I’m always drawn to exhibitions that evolve throughout the duration of a show. There’s a dynamism to it, one that complements this group show’s cross-disciplinary and cross-generational roster of artists. With a series of three varying installations throughout the exhibition’s two and a half month run, “Crocodile Tears” promises to push against the traditional boundaries of the gallery space with sharp critiques on an increasingly industrialized society. —Emma Sharpe, Editorial Resident