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Winter 2014
Winter 2015

On newsstands December 15, 2014, to March 14, 2015


Get Your Shit Together Bridget Moser’s art of self-improvement by Daniella E. Sanader Locked Up Inside Kingston Penitentiary with Geoffrey James by Sharday Mosurinjohn SITElines Curator Candice Hopkins and SITE Santa Fe’s “Unsettled Landscapes” by Sarah Milroy Synaesthetics Aleesa Cohene fuses the senses by Gabrielle Moser Unnoticed Truths Zin Taylor’s European adventure by David Macfarlane Equal Parts Melanie Gilligan’s people’s art by Amy Luo Figures Rebecca Brewer reactivates a tradition by Tatiana Mellema


A national and international roundup of the season’s best exhibitions


Recent art books and catalogues


Phantoms: William Blair Bruce by Debra Antoncic


Kelly Lycan by Marina Roy Stephen Waddell by Clint Burnham Patrick Howlett by Ben Portis Michael Blum by Emily Falvey "Before and after the Horizon: Anishinaabe Artists of the Great Lakes" by Matthew Ryan Smith Angelica Mesiti by Natasha Chaykowski "Off the Grid: Abstract Painting in New Brunswick" by sophia bartholomew Alex Colville by Allison MacDuffee


Home Fires by Simon Lewsen

Smart Guide

The Changing Art School: A guide to Canadian art schools thinking outside the box
Winter 2015