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Panel Video: Evolutions in Art Writing


Gallery Hop Toronto 2014 Panel from Canadian Art on Vimeo.

On September 20, for the first time ever, Canadian Art webcast its Gallery Hop Toronto panel, making this program available to artists, writers, collectors, curators and students across the country as well as to a live, in-person audience at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Video documentation of this panel is now viewable by clicking on the Vimeo window above.

The Gallery Hop panel this year was a special one, since it was part of Canadian Art‘s 30th anniversary celebrations. Specifically, it focused on changes to art writing in Canada over the past 30 years that have elapsed since Canadian Art began publishing in Fall 1984.

Panellists included critic and past editor of Canadian Art Sarah Milroy, as well as critics Sky Goodden and Gabrielle Moser. Collectively, these writers have contributed to publications including the Globe and Mail, Artinfo, Artforum, Fillip, Modern Painters, Esse, and many other outlets. Richard Rhodes, editor of Canadian Art since 1996—as well as founding editor of C Magazine, which also began publication in 1984—moderated the roundtable discussion.

Livetweets of the panel at @canartca were posted as well.

For further details about Gallery Hop Toronto, visit For more information about our other 30th anniversary activities—including the posting of 30 years of cover stories to our website—visit



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Raphael Bendahan says:

I’m intrigued with what critics write but I also remember Susan Sontag’s essay Against Interpretation which questioned to what degree a critic’s take on work should be tempered by the immediate experience of the viewer’s experience and the dangers of a critic’s interpretation which tampers with it. How do you each feel about this schism? The dangers and the means to invite the viewers into a way of seeing.

Margaret Phillips says:

I was interested in the panel on the evolution of art writing. My less than reliable rural internet stream kept cutting out during the webcast. What I did get was well worth listening to. I hope that it will be available later.

Leah Sandals says:

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for trying to tune in.

Given that it was our first webcast, we also experienced some glitches on our end, which we will work on resolving if we webcast again in future.

We do hope to post video by September 25th!

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