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Who’s Bringing the CanCon to Armory Week in NYC

New York’s largest art fair, the Armory Show, opens to the public tomorrow—and with it, as usual, comes a flood of other art fairs, events, openings and exhibitions.

Canadian collectors, dealers, artists and curators are also part of the scene during busy New York fairs week.

At the Armory Show itself, there is only one Canadian gallery holding its own booth. Toronto dealer Jane Corkin is in the Armory’s contemporary section at Chelsea’s Pier 94; she’s planning to show works by Canadians Françoise Sullivan, David Urban, Thaddeus Holownia and Barbara Astman, among other artists. (Given the advent of the Armory’s collaboration with the website Artsy this year, many of the works in question can be viewed on the Armory’s website.)

(Some viewers may note the Armory absence of the Art Dealers Association of Canada, which had a collaborative booth there last year; an ADAC spokesperson said that was part of a multi-fair project for the organization in the past few years, and that ADAC will consider returning in the future.)

Other works by Canadian artists can be found at the booths of major international dealers at the Armory. Works by Rodney Graham are advertised, including one of his tree photographs, at Whitechapel Gallery as well as his Canadian Humourist photo and an inverted drip painting at the Lisson Gallery booth. The Aperture Foundation booth will be showing one of Michel Campeau’s darkroom photographs, as well as touting a new issue that features an interview with Jeff Wall. Agnes Martin will be represented at Armand Bartos Fine Art, Susan Sheehan Gallery, Senior & Shopmaker Gallery and Craig F. Starr Gallery. Works from Edward Burtynsky’s Irrigation series will be at the booth of Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Elsewhere in New York, the Armory’s 100th has provided an opportunity for historical reflection. The exhibition “DECENTER: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show” at the Abrons Art Center in the Lower East Side “celebrates the legacy of the Cubist paintings and sculptures in that historic exhibition by featuring a group of 27 emerging and internationally recognized contemporary artists who explore the changes in perception precipitated by our digital age and who closely parallel the Cubist vernacular of fragmentation, nonlinearity, simultaneity, and decenteredness.” The show includes two Canadian artists—Douglas Coupland and Jessica Eaton.

At Volta—which has a focus on just one artist per booth and is held in an old Soho warehouse at 82 Mercer—multiple Canadian galleries are exhibiting. These include Toronto’s Cooper Cole and Mulherin, with the former showing works by American artist Ryan Wallace and the latter featuring works by Toronto painter Kris Knight. From Montreal, three galleries are exhibiting: Battat Contemporary will be showing works by Montrealer Patrick Bernatchez; Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran will be showing works by Montrealer Dominique Blain; and Galerie Trois Points will be showing works by Montrealer Mathieu Levesque. Ottawa’s Patrick Mikhail Gallery will be showing works by local painter Amy Schissel.

At Scope New York—taking place this year at the large US Post Office building on West 33rd Street near Penn Station—the Quebec-based Association des galeries d’art contemporain has created a lounge with works from 11 Canadian dealers under the title “Quebec savoir faire.” Though the concept aims to highlight contemporary art practices from Quebec, it also includes a Toronto gallery, Birch Libralato. Participants include Art Mûr (featuring Simon Bilodeau), Beaux-Arts des Amériques (featuring Lorraine Pritchard), Birch Libralato (featuring Ginette Legaré), Galerie BAC (featuring Marc Nerbonne), Galerie Donald Browne (featuring Jérôme Havre), Galerie D’Este (featuring Paul Bourgault), Galerie Graff (featuring Eric Ladouceur), Galerie Nicolas Robert (featuring Joe Lima), Galerie Simon Blais (featuring Jean-Sébastien Denis), Lacerte Art Contemporain (featuring Jean-Robert Drouillard) and Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain (featuring Dil Hildebrand).

Art Mûr will also have its own booth at Scope featuring works by Cooke-Sasseville, Diana Thorneycroft and Nicholas Galanin—the latter an Alaskan-born artist currently working in Victoria. Also at Scope in the Breeder section, the independent Toronto artist group Blunt Collective will be exhibiting, including works by David Joron, Gillian Isles, Matthew Schofield and Natalie Waldburger.

At Spring/Break—a fair of emerging artists and curators held in an old Nolita schoolhouse—artists include Jennifer Chan, an artist working and researching between Toronto and Syracuse on ideas of new media and the Internet.

Independent groups of Canadians are also taking advantage of fairs week excitement: CART, a collective of Canadian artists and curators living and working in New York that aims to promote contemporary Canadian art internationally, is holding an Armory Arts Week party this evening at 162 Avenue B. Staffed by Emily Stoddart, Talia Shipman, Lara Torvi and Elise Rasmussen, CART, according to its website, receives support from the Toronto Arts Foundation, Art Dealers Association of Canada and Consulate General of Canada in New York.

Other major fairs happening in New York this week include the Art Dealers Association of America show and the Independent. Neither are featuring Canadian galleries, though both include international dealers who exhibit Canadian artists. At the Independent, galleries that represent Canadian artists include Stuart Shave/Modern Art, which represents David Altmejd, Tim Gardner and Steven Shearer; Peres Projects, which represents Bruce LaBruce; Richard Telles, which represents Roy Arden and Ryan Sluggett; Murray Guy, which represents Moyra Davey; Gavin Brown’s enterprise, which represents Peter Doig and Steven Shearer; and Campoli Presti, which represents Scott Lyall.

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Rhonda Meier says:

If the installation shot I have seen is correct, I also believe that Art Mûr’s own booth also features work by Nadia Myre and Rebecca Belmore. With a subtle emphasis on works in red, it is stunning.

Leah Sandals says:

Hi Rhonda, thanks for the info… that does sound exciting and the more we all know, the better!

Jacinta Laurent says:

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has 6 works in a solo show at bitforms gallery at the Armory.

Leah Sandals says:

Hi Jacinta,
Thanks for the info… that’s really exciting too! I really like his work, but wasn’t aware of his presence there.

Jacinta Laurent says:

FYI He is also speaking at the Guggenheim on Tuesday as part of the Gutai programming.

Leah Sandals says:

Thanks Jacinta… even better!

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