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Phot(o)bjects: To the Frame, and Well Beyond

Any exhibition that brings the reclusive Alan Belcher back into the art scene is a welcome exhibition indeed. For those with short memories, the Canadian-born Belcher stormed the photo and art worlds in the 1980s and 1990s with photo-wrapped sculptural works that broke all the boundaries between sculpture and photography.

In his show “Phot(o)bjects”, the respected New York curator Bob Nickas delves further and reaches back to similar initiatives that date from the early 1970s. The end result is a magnum opus that charts the curious and near-constant intersection of photography and three-dimensional aspirations. Twenty artists are featured, including Rachel Harrison, Louise Lawler, Jennifer Bolande, Roe Ethridge, Trisha Donnelly and Wolfgang Tillmans. Together, they offer evidence of an ongoing restlessness with the image that has shaped the nature of contemporary art. (333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver BC)

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