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Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Updating History

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun has created some of the most memorable painted images in the last quarter-century of Canadian artmaking. Working with a fine-tuned political consciousness within the formal terrain of west-coast First Nations imagery, he has updated a tradition to speak with urgent relevance to issues of history, myth and belief and also created ironic crossover works of identity-inflected abstraction. Concluding March 31, Buschlen Mowatt Gallery pairs a selection of Yuxweluptun’s recent paintings with sculptures by Haida Gwaii artist Jim Hart. Paintings like 2008’s 2 Natives Walking on their Motherland and 2006’s New Chiefs on the Land (seen below) are highlights in any exhibition year. At the CAG until May 16, Yuxweluptun also shows three decades of drawings in an exhibition curated by critic Petra Watson that serves as a retrospective of his concerns as an artist. (1445 W Georgia St & 555 Nelson St, Vancouver BC)

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