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Kevin Schmidt: Lord of the Brings

Kevin Schmidt is a master of displacement. He has made his name as an artist by bringing Led Zeppelin to the beach, surfboards to the gallery and stage fog to the woods. For his latest project, he has created a tented cinema inside Catriona Jeffries Gallery and decked it out with folding camp chairs to show a film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy being projected in transit as a boat floats down the Fraser River. The piece is called Epic Journey, and the title might equally apply to the road trip that Schmidt made north to Tuktoyaktuk to install a standing billboard sculpture routered with biblical text from the book of Revelation. Called A Sign in the Northwest Passage, the pontooned sign was installed onto seasonal ice and left to drift in the Arctic Ocean with its dark, prophetic, end-of-the-world message. A large-scale photograph of the sign accompanies a photo book documenting the project. In all, it is another episode in Schmidt’s fascination with transplanted media spectacle. (274 E 1 Ave, Vancouver BC)

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