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Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Seeing in Time

Curator John Zeppetelli, who is himself a filmmaker, has pulled together a survey exhibition that honours the achievements of Eija-Liisa Ahtila, the Finnish artist whose experimental film installations continue to move the boundaries of not only contemporary art, but also contemporary filmmaking. Ahtila’s multi-scene narratives of human dramas and situations have a subjective dimension that adds psychological space and time to stories drawn from personal observations, experiences and research. Some of the notable works in the DHC/ART show, opening this week, are 1999’s Consolation Service, about a bitter divorce; 2002’s The House, about madness and a woman who hears voices; and 2005’s The Hour of Prayer, a remarkable exploration of grief and loss spurred by the death of a dog. In addition to the DHC/ART venues, the Darling Foundry will also present 2008’s Where is Where?, a film work about poetic imagination and the trauma that war brings on civilian victims. (451 rue St-Jean, Montreal QC)

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