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Chris Millar: Back in the Groove

One of Canada’s best—and most unique—young painters, Chris Millar, makes new creative strides in his latest exhibition at Trépanier Baer. In the past few years, Millar has become known for extremely dense, comic-influenced canvases that illustrate absurd tales of wild-partying psychedelia and super-geeky sci-fi alike. A painting that describes a team of hapless scientists who use a time machine to research the history of the sandwich? Been there, done that. A canvas exploring both death metal and dental metamorphosis? Old news. This time around, Millar is subjecting sound art to his absurd tastes and tales, creating a limited-release vinyl record that offers his version of Simon and Garfunkel as altered by aliens from outer space. Three new paintings back up the musical meltdown, as does a book project containing prints of same. Though it’s a bit of a switch from Millar’s past work—no small appendages dangle off the edges of his paintings this time—it’s still exemplary of a riotously obsessive, sprawling-off-the-canvas approach that continues to make his oeuvre one to watch. (999 8 St SW, Calgary AB)

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