Summer 2014

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Double Double
Roula Partheniou and the art of the double take
by Shannon Anderson

Strength in Numbers
VSVSVS, another group of seven
by Ann Ireland

Filling the Void
Art and commerce find harmony at the Esker Foundation
by Sara Angel

Remembering Spadina
Gordon Rayner, Graham Coughtry, Robert Markle and company in 1960s Toronto
by Peter Goddard
Web Extra: Slideshow: The Lost Scrapbooks of Gordon Rayner

Time Zone
Owen Kydd’s durational photography
by Aaron Peck
Web Extra: Storefront Poetics: 3 Recent Works by Owen Kydd

Gravity’s Rainbow
A visit with Libby Hague
by Gary Michael Dault

Stoics and Comedians
Contemporary artists harness humour and comic futility
by Adam Lauder


A national and international roundup of the season’s best exhibitions


Recent art books and catalogues


War and Peace: David Milne and the First World War
by Sarah Milroy


Sandra Meigs
by Mimi Joh-Carnella

Olivia Boudreau
by Sophie Lynch

Adam David Brown
by Pete Smith

“Capture 2014: Nova Scotian Realism”
by Doug Pope

Edward Burtynsky
by Clint Burnham

Michael Blum and Tris Vonna-Michell
by Joseph Henry

“Artists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890—1918”
by Andrew Kear


A Rediscovered Curnoe
by Alison Cooley


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