Spring 2017: Structures

Available on newsstands from March 15 to June 14, 2017


Monsters of the Urban Unconscious
Duane Linklater tells a material history of Toronto through its gargoyles
by Julia Lum

Shedding Light
New Brunswick’s Acre Architects exposes the gender imbalance in architecture
by Kate Wallace
Generously supported by the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation

Songs from Rockwood Asylum
Case files from Canada’s first asylum for the criminally insane reveal the archive as an apparatus of colonial power
by Simone E. Schmidt

The Working Life of a Cultural Amnesiac
An Indigenous artist in the Yukon on how his social work affects his art practice
by Joseph Tisiga

Art in Condoland
Public art is everywhere, but what makes it successful? It seems no one can quite agree
by Chris Hampton

Artist Project
A Way Out of the Mirror by Geoffrey Farmer, plus a subscriber-exclusive flexi disc made with Life of a Craphead

A national survey of artists who disrupt the status quo
by Sam Cotter
Generously supported by RBC

All That We Touch, We Change
On the uncannily prophetic science fiction of Octavia E. Butler, and its potential tools of resistance and survival
by Syrus Marcus Ware

Under Your Nose
What does art smell like? Experimenting with the fugitive and often overlooked power of scent
by Jo Barratt

Moving in Place
Despite a lack of space and funding, contemporary dance finds unconventional ways to persist
by Fabien Maltais-Bayda

Exit Through the Pop-Up
Under the influence of social media and shifting cultural economies, fashion increasingly seems a model for art
by Randi Bergman


Upcoming openings, events, performances and more

Site-Specific: Vancouver


Support Structures
by Emma Healey


The Collective
by Lisa Robertson


The history of the Canada Pavilion in Venice
by David Michon


Recent exhibitions, books, films and more


Spring 2017 Newsletter
by Lisa Smolkin

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