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Koffler Gallery

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The Koffler Gallery offers a dynamic forum for the presentation of contemporary art, developing a year-round program of exhibitions, publications, audience engagement and educational initiatives that foster the production of new works by Canadian and international artists in all stages of their careers. Located at Artscape Youngplace, a community cultural hub located in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood, the Koffler Gallery reflects diverse cultural, material and aesthetic orientations, with a program that highlights the contemporary Jewish experience in a unique framework that invites a comparative examination of narratives among people of varied heritages within a larger discussion of identity, memory and place.

The Koffler Gallery cultivates new creative expression through a unique Jewish lens with a global reach. Programs aim for the highest artistic standards while being accessible and engaging for audiences of all ages, cultural backgrounds and walks of life. The emphasis on a mutually enriching relationship with its public shapes the institution’s role as an essential educator of new audiences for contemporary visual art. Its unique position at the confluence of culturally specific exploration and artistic excellence also confers the Koffler Gallery a vital role in bridging Jewish, artistic, and diverse cultural communities in dialogue through the arts.

Committed to nurturing and promoting Canadian artists, the Koffler Gallery provides a stimulating and supportive environment for the creation of new work and the exchange of ideas across disciplines in an invigorating intellectual context. Each season, the Koffler Gallery aims to engage artists reflecting high standards of excellence and a variety of artistic practices; artists who reinvent or cross disciplines and media; and artists who explore the Jewish experience in dialogue with other cultures.