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Back Gallery Project

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Back Gallery Project (BGP) has been “backing” the growth and development of emerging and mid-career artists living and working in Vancouver well before establishing its permanent exhibition space in 2007. Serving the local and international art scene, the BGP promotes artist initiatives invested in shaping the economies of art and culture. Located in the heart of Strathcona, the gallery is uniquely positioned to create dialogues with the artists and cultural engineers who call the neighbourhood home.

With a commitment to advancing the cultural capital of the city the gallery has partnered with Pattison Art in Transit to present The Strathcona Billboard Project (2014). The gallery served as the catalyst and headquarters for the Vancouver based artist collective A.K.A and hosted its first set of projects, Diffractions of the Local I & II (2013/14). BGP has built connections both nationally and internationally, reaching new markets by extended its influence on collectors, curators and artists. The gallery will extend its influence by being represented for the second consecutive year at the Toronto International Art Fair (2015).

Founder and director Monica Reyes has been a longstanding figure in the Vancouver art scene having served as Vice President of the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver. Reyes is committed to investing in art that gives voice to the cultural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

BGP’s regular exhibition program and special events provide artists with opportunities for artists to show work that includes range of practices from more traditional forms of painting, sculpture and photography to experimental video, durational performance, spatial interventions, installation and poetry.