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Marc Séguin: Views from the Underworld

Marc Séguin Infallibility-Benedictus XVI 2008 Courtesy the artist & Charest-Weinberg Gallery Miami

There is a certain amount of dark magic involved in the work of Montreal- and Brooklyn-based artist Marc Séguin. As art critic James D. Campbell explains in our summer 2010 magazine feature “Ars Diavoli,” this underworld aura in Séguin’s work has much to do with the painter’s abiding interest in the mystical realms of the occult, the criminal and the insane. Also notable is his visceral use of everything from papal portraits to taxidermied wolves, coyotes and crows—these depict, as Campbell puts it, “the disorganized crime and anarchy of life after the Fall.” Here, a portfolio of six works, including new images of modern ruins, delves further into Séguin’s ominous vision of humanity.


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