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Attila Richard Lukacs: Renewed Directions

Attila Richard Lukacs Silver Garden 2011

Attila Richard Lukacs’ latest show drew a standing-room-only crowd when it opened last month at Vancouver’s Winsor Gallery. Long-time friends, patrons and assorted art-world groupies gathered to take in the buzz around the artist’s unexpected spin into the world of the abstract. Known primarily for his figurative work, Lukacs was debuting a new series of abstract paintings, some whimsical sculpture and a process-oriented video.

The exhibition does not disappoint. With its variety—from a group of paintings in muted grey and white (an apparent nod to Gordon Smith) to fluorescent graffiti-inspired tableaux to cheeky sculpture made of vintage 1946 US Army jockstraps—Lukacs’ sense of inventiveness shines through.

Lukacs’ exploration of the medium of painting continues here unabated. In his “grey” series, he brushes, drips, pours and scrapes paint in an effort to make it animate. In a video installation—a slow-motion loop of dripping paint—he tries to capture the very lifeblood of painting in the moment before it becomes static. It’s an animistic ballet of paint, one infused with the same energy that has always been present in his work.

Throughout these and other pieces, there’s a visceral sense of movement that speaks to what Lukacs calls his “tantric” process, a kind of Pollock-inspired ritual.

“I’m like a snake,” says Lukacs in this in-depth interview of his fresh venture into the abstract, “that every so often needs to shed its skin.” Listen in for more revelations on how this 30-year veteran of the Canadian art scene is viewing his new (or renewed) directions.

Download MP3: Attila Richard Lukacs: New Directions, Renewed Practices


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