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Canadian Art—Canada’s most widely read art magazine and the primary media partner for Art Toronto, Canada’s largest art fair—held a variety of programs at the fair aimed to give art lovers near and far the inside story on the big event, which took place October 25 to 28 with a gala opening on the evening of October 24.

This page ( provided daily updates on all the latest news from the big event, including artwork highlights, dealer Q&As, conversations with the fair’s organizers, and sales reports. Our Twitter feed also offered updates from the opening night gala and the fair as it progressed.

A series of talks at the Canadian Art booth (booth number 940) took place on the first three days of the fair at 2 p.m. In this series, the editors of Canadian Art shared their insights on the key artists and works at Art Toronto. Managing editor and contributor Bryne McLaughlin spoke on October 25 at 2 p.m., associate editor and Globe and Mail art critic David Balzer on October 26 at 2 p.m., and editor and past Alberta Biennial curator Richard Rhodes on October 27 at 2 p.m.

Leading up-and-comers in the Canadian art scene were featured in our panel “The Next Generation of Canadian Art,” which took place on October 26 from 6 to 7 p.m. on the Art Toronto Stage. Moderated by our online editor Leah Sandals, the panel included Artinfo Canada executive editor and past Canadian Art editorial resident Sky Goodden, Wil Aballe Art Projects director Wil Aballe, collector and art historian Mary Dailey Desmarais, and curator and consultant Lucas Soi, director of Soi Fischer.

Read on below for all our Art Toronto coverage.


An Art Toronto Sales Roundup
Though it is difficult to assess the exact value of sales at Art Toronto 2013, it was clear that many works did change hands.

ART TORONTO DAILY EDITION – OCTOBER 28, 2013 (click on links below for individual stories)

Britt Gallpen’s Art Toronto Wrap-Up: Darkness and Light
Painting in general and textile-based painting in particular has been the highlight of Art Toronto for emerging curator and critic Britt Gallpen.

Art Toronto Dealer Poll: Furthest, Nearest and In Between
For our final day of Art Toronto booth polls, we decided to focus on extremes—someone who came the furthest distance, someone who came the shortest distance, and someone who split the difference.

AGAC Reinforces Quebec Presence at Art Toronto
Much of the activity for this Montreal-based non-profit at the fair this year—including a Cynthia Girard solo booth—aims at strengthening Quebec-Ontario connections.

Art Toronto Responds to Monday-Opening Questions
Most art fairs internationally finish up on a Sunday. Here, Art Toronto director and founder Linel Rebenchuk says the decision to stay open on Mondays comes down to three factors.

ART TORONTO DAILY EDITION – OCTOBER 27, 2013 (click on links below for individual stories)

5 Questions for Julia Dault
In the past few years, the career of Brooklyn-based Canadian artist Julia Dault has skyrocketed. Today, she returns to her hometown for an Art Toronto Power Talk at 3 p.m.

Richard Rhodes’s Art Toronto Highlights
Works brought by Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto galleries stand out for our editor, Richard Rhodes, at Canada’s major art fair. Join him at 2 p.m. at Booth 940 to discover more of his recommendations.

Top Collector Observations at Art Toronto
A trio of top Canadian collectors—Samara Walbohm, Joe Friday and Ken Montague—shared their thoughts at an Art Toronto panel this weekend. Here is a roundup of some of their insights and tips on collecting from conversations both on and off the stage.

Art Toronto Dealer Poll: Hometown Hopes
Five leading Toronto dealers weigh in on why they choose to double up on local real estate during the Art Toronto fair, and what they’d like to see happen next.

ART TORONTO DAILY EDITION – OCTOBER 26, 2013 (click on links below for individual stories)

David Balzer’s Four Art Toronto Faves
Our associate editor highlights photography, painting and drawing to watch at Canada’s largest art fair in advance of a 2 p.m. talk at Booth 940.

Seven Lessons from Sarah Anne Johnson
The creator of this year’s Art Toronto MOCCA Benefit Edition—who speaks on the Art Toronto mainstage at 4:30 p.m.—shares her feelings on photography, art fairs, her new Maison Louis Vuitton installation and more.

Art Toronto Dealer Poll: Quebec in Focus
Quebec dealers continue to be a major force at Art Toronto. Here, five of them give us the straight talk on why they’re at the fair, what they’ve brought and what they’d like to see change.

Whither the Next Generation of Canadian Art?
Four innovative art professionals are to discuss the future of Canada’s art scene at 6 p.m. today at Art Toronto. Here, they each answer an advance question on the concerns of younger artists and what’s next.

ART TORONTO DAILY EDITION – OCTOBER 25, 2013 (click on links below for individual stories)

Blue-Chip Art Interest Increases at Art Toronto
Reflecting patterns at art fairs worldwide (see: Frieze Masters), interest in blue-chip art is increasing at Art Toronto. Loch Gallery reported $3 million in (mostly historical-art) sales on opening night.

Art Toronto Dealer Highlights: Coast to Coast
Five dealers tell why they make the trip (sometimes lengthy) to Art Toronto, what they’re showing and how they’d like the fair to change.

Inside Story: Bryne McLaughlin’s Art Toronto Preview Reflections
Montreal galleries have a lock on much of Art Toronto’s appeal for our managing editor Bryne McLaughlin. Find out why in this post, and join him for a live talk on the subject today at 2 p.m. at Booth 940.

The Curator and the Art Fair, in Toronto and Beyond
Curators from the National Gallery of Canada call Art Toronto one of their most important fairs for acquiring new works. But collecting is just the beginning of art-fair duties for curators nowadays. Here, curators Tom Eccles, Chantal Pontbriand and Josée Drouin-Brisebois weigh in on art fairs in Canada and around the globe.

AGO Acquires Works by Funk, Burnham, Ashoona and Sidarous at Art Toronto
The AGO’s acquisitions at Art Toronto’s Opening Preview are always closely watched. At this year’s event, it collected works by Karel Funk, Anthony Burnham, Celia Perrin Sidarous and Shuvinai Ashoona.

ART TORONTO DAILY EDITION – October 24, 2013 (download PDF here or click on links below for individual stories)

Steady As She Goes: Art Toronto’s Leaders Talk Fair Challenges & Future Plans
In this exclusive conversation, Will Morris, president of Informa Canada (which owns Art Toronto) and Linel Rebenchuk, founder and director of Art Toronto, respond to questions about the challenges and opportunities in running a Canadian art fair today.

Our Faves at the Fair: Editors’ Preview Picks at Art Toronto
Even before an art fair opens, editors have their best bets of what they’d like to see and do there. For the first time ever, Canadian Art is sharing these insider picks with readers  for Art Toronto. Watch for more every day of the fair on our site and in our booth, where editors give daily 2 p.m. talks.

Dealer Highlights: New to the Fair
There are a variety of galleries new to Art Toronto this year. Here, we talk to some notable ones from Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and London, UK, about what they are bringing and why.

More Artists Representing Themselves at Art Toronto
Thom Sokoloski’s massive portrait installation at Art Toronto’s entrance aims to pay tribute to the hundreds of oft-hidden artists behind the works in the fair. Interestingly, however, an increasing number of artists are representing themselves by booking their own booths.

AGO Acquires Works by Funk, Burnham, Ashoona and Sidarous at Art Toronto
The AGO’s acquisitions at Art Toronto’s Opening Preview are always closely watched. At this year’s event, it collected works by Karel Funk, Anthony Burnham, Celia Perrin Sidarous and Shuvinai Ashoona.


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