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Turkish Coffee Readings by Dilara Akay. Hosted by Fabiola Carranza


Join CAG at the Burrard Marina Field House for a morning of interpreting coffee grounds with invited artist Dilara Akay.

This fall the CAG launched a six-month independent study residency with local artist Fabiola Carranza. During her residency Carranza is considering the intertwining of art practice, community organization and public programing. She is using the Burrard Marina Field House as a studio space from where to conduct her own research and to collaborate with CAG on a series of public programs. Carranza’s programming will extend the use of the field house to the immediate members within her artistic community. For her first event at the field house Carranza has invited artist Dilara Akay.

Tasseomancy is a divination method that interprets coffee grounds, tea leaves or wine sediments. Anthropologist Webb Keane, refers to practices that transform the materiality of objects into other visual forms as “Practices of Spirit Writing”. These semiotic practices seek to generate control over unfathomable situations but can also be used to establish “power-laden relationships” between people, where one individual or practice can take advantage of another. Keane calls this the process of “semiotic transduction” and poses the question: “What can one hope to gain from interpreting physical signs that arrive from the non-physical world?” Come experience tasseomancy – have your coffee cup read this Saturday!

Print outs of Webb Keane’s essay, On Spirit Writing: materialities of language and the religious work of transduction will be available for those interested in reading about other practices of writing spirit.

Nov 28th from 10 am to 1pm

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