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Julie Sando (he called me his) Fully Transistorized Baby & 2015 Juried Exhibition

Opening reception: Friday November 6th – 7pm.

The Thames Art Gallery is pleased to open two exhibitions on November 6. The mezzanine gallery will feature “(he called me his) Fully Transistorized Baby” by Windsor based artist, Julie Sando. The ground floor will host the Thames Art Gallery’s biennial Juried Exhibition.

Julie Sando’s work revolves around her collection of thousands of 45 rpm records she has spent the past five years collecting. Writer and artist Pearl Van Geest writes “Julie Sando calls herself a scavenger, a designation usually associated with those scraping together a living from leftovers and discards—but not one that comes to mind when wandering through the elegant installation that Sando has assembled…Julie Sando may be a scavenger, but in this body of work, she specifically embodies the seductive tactics, slow reveals and double codes of the femme fatale. There is enticement and promise, but there are also indications of a dark underside to the shiny and slick surfaces…. Sando provides us with work that delights and provokes visually, emotionally, and intellectually—and is of a precise beauty that is most certainly not skin deep.” Julie will be present at the opening reception to discuss her works as well as answer any questions our visitors may have.

The ground floor gallery will exhibit the new works of 16 artists selected from 200 submissions and juried by London artist, Sky Glabush. The Juried Exhibition shows work from as far as Ottawa and as close to home as Pain Court and Shrewsbury. Selected artists: Daniel Bernyk, Sherry Czekus, Jason Deary, Karine Guyon, Warren Hoyano, Leonard Jubenville, James Olley, Sasha Opiko, Maureen Paxton, Joseph Peet, Postscript, Leah Rainey, Sean Stewart, Matthew Trueman, Xristia Trutiak, and Julia Vandepolder. The Jurors award winners will be announced at the opening reception.

The Thames Art Gallery would like to thank each and every artist that took the time to create new work and apply to the Juried Exhibition.

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