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Joseph Staples in conversation with Graham Landin


This month, WAAP is exhibiting a pair of exhibitions that feature paintings derived from a practice in collage. In his latest body of work, GRAHAM LANDIN has created pared down paintings whose source material are digital photocollages he has previously made from pictures of landscapes or modernist structures via an iPad. For years,JOSEPH STAPLES has built a practice creating collages through repetition, a byproduct of that process has become his Cut series, which have done away with the image altogether. With his new work, the Cut works have evolved into latex and acrylic paintings on plaster support. In conversation with the artist, he reveals his thinking around Hito Steyerl’s idea that “poor images” are stronger by consequence of mass sharing and images gaining a type of power through repetition.

Join these two artists and thinkers as they discuss their work, the agency of the images behind their work and their ideas around collage being a domination of power through images.

Sat, Nov 21, 2 PM

JOSEPH STAPLES, Elegant Living and GRAHAM LANDIN, Picnic Rock runs until Sat, Dec 5th.

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