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Immony Men – Effections: We need to talk


Opening reception: Friday November 13th (7:00 to 10:00 p.m.)

Effections” is a video series based on a labor-intensive imaging process. Each film short is composed of digital prints illustrating different written narratives within public and domestic spaces. Each video is com-posed of thousands of digital prints reconstituted as individual scenes of a real-time video. Each second of film includes 30 still images. The eleven videos in the series are composed of 18, 081 digital video stills that have been manipulated manually and re-entered into a timeline.

My current practice has developed an obsession with physical repetition and the process of reviewing each image multiple times, this labor-intensive process generates memories formed by daily structure and routine. The series utilizes a tedious process in preserving video physically: a consumer inkjet printer is used to reproduce each digital video still, I manually crumple each image after it is printed, a flat-bed desk scanner to capture the hand-crumpled prints, and rolls of twine to bind the paper for storage. The attempt to capture and re-create the perfect event seems futile; maybe accepting the faults and tarnishes of the original might be the key to preserving these memories.

I am working with the notion of providing physical representations of digital video timelines. The images are transferred to ink and paper, giving them a temporal and fragile quality, quite contrary to their original digital (loosely put) ‘eternal’ format. Shifting back and forth between analog and digital media keeps a constant dialog emphasizing the excess in temporal material reproductions.

Effections,” is an attempt to restructure my personal relationships as a form of live-performance. Re-writing myself into these new memories is the focus of this body of work. Writing scripts and re-building mises-en-scene from collected stories and memories has given me a platform to blur the line between autobiographical fiction and actuality. My main interest is the shift of intimacy through objects and the bodies that share them.

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