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Far Away So Close, Part III


Far Away So Close: Part III exhibiting artist Alana Bartol will lead an exploration of the history, use, and tools of dowsing or “water-witching” (using “Y” or “L” shaped rods [often a bent coat hanger or found branch] to locate ground water without the use of scientific technology). After a trip to Nova Scotia, Bartol learned that the women in her mother’s family have long been regarded for their “water witching” abilities.

Drawing on her family history and traditions of divining, she explores dowsing as a creative method and mode of inquiry investigating ways of knowing within and beyond the human body. While there is no scientific evidence that dowsing is accurate, a fascination with this pseudoscience persists. Prepare for the handling of dowsing rods and the opportunity to test your powers of divination. All are welcome, even the skeptics.

Saturday, October 31st, 2015, 2:00 PM

Image credit: Alana Bartol, Dowsing Rods (In Blood and Bone), Ceramics (Raku), 2015-ongoing. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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