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Dean Drever: Major Elements

Our experience of art is rooted in our perceptions. Perception is linked to physicality, as our bodies connect innately to the essence of the elements that surround us. These elements are already perfect. Our experience, as we interact with them, is already perfect.

In his fourth solo exhibition at MKG127, Major Elements, Drever explores objects based on ideas that naturally intersect form and materiality. The objects themselves are not precious, in fact, part of “knowing” the sculptures involves interacting with the pieces by touching, moving, and holding each element. Visual communication becomes a sensory and tactile experience, which enables a feeling of awareness in relation to each object element. The sculptures hold no meaning except for their own physical presence.

A collection of molecules vibrates at such a rate to become what we know to be wood. Similarly with copper, colours, fabric, and hides. In exploring these materials, Drever is attempting to open the appropriate, honest, and respectful channel to each element’s authentic nature.

States Drever “I have wanted to make this body of work for the last 20 years. These forms, colours, shapes and proportions are what preoccupy my dream space, almost like a fantasy toy box, but every time I went to create the work, I got scared and chickened out. I like to call myself a minimalist but in reality my previous work is very loaded with heavy content. I wanted to see what would happen if I had the courage to let the forms stand alone.”

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