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Christina Battle: End Transmission


The Thames Art Gallery is pleased to welcome Denver based artist, Christina Battle, to the Chatham-Kent community. Her exhibition titled “End Transmission” will open the evening of September 11th at 7pm. Christina will be giving a short talk at the opening reception and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

The exhibition is a mixed media installation with an expanded narrative told through multiple video loops, sound, and handmade communication devices (Arduino, LEDs, Morse code).

“End Transmission” takes place after an environmental collapse, based on recent disaster headlines, in a soon-to-be future after our own time’s intensifying inequality, debt, climate change, fossil fuel dependency and global food crisis. Post-collapse, a woman explores a number of extreme landscapes in search of a hospitable future, leaving behind a series of Morse code communiqués as a record of her journey.

Critic Ellyn Walker writes about Christina’s exhibition: “Battle’s collective works offer the opportunity for reimagining, re-evaluating, and renewing one’s relationship with the land. In doing so, we are moved towards a most needed practice of future-thinking.”

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Christina Battle is currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. Her works are often inspired by the role of official and non-official archives, our notions of evidence and explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe.

Opening reception Friday, September 11th at 7pm

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