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Go From Solid Fundamentals in Art to A Career in the Entertainment Industry

Syn Studio is offering elite vocational training for those with a strong foundation in realistic drawing and painting. As Canada’s premier concept art school, Syn Studio’s teachers and past students design the characters, creatures, environments, object and vehicles of Canada’s top franchises such as the 300, the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Assassin’s Creed. What distinguishes Syn Studio is the cutting edge techniques taught and the one on one coaching with masters of concept art, currently working in the industry. The Concept Art Diploma Program will give students all the tools, techniques, training, skills and strategies required to build a killer concept art portfolio and get hired as a concept artist in the entertainment industry.

Unique Features

  • elite vocational training with relevant industry professionals
  • regular one-on-one coaching sessions with real masters, working in the industry
  • special industry events, parties and workshops organized by Syn Studio
  • small class sizes (maximum 20)
  • a large and growing community of top-level concept artists and industry leaders frequenting and recruiting from Syn Studio on a regular basis.
  • beautiful studio environment with hardwood floors, high ceilings and lots of light
  • competitive tuition rates

Studio Facilities

  • traditional art studio
  • mixed-media design studio
  • Wacom digital design studio
  • student lounge
  • personal storage locker

Levels of Study Offered

Concept Art Diploma Program (AEC – 18 Months)

Syn Studio Educational Philosophy

“Great artists are NOT born, they are made.”

At Syn Studio, we believe in the power of training over talent. Since 2007, we’ve been helping passionate and dedicated students master the fundamentals and learn high level design and digital illustration skills.

We believe in practical education. This isn’t a typical university type class with a professor who lectures on theory at 40+ students. Syn Studio instructors are working professionals who demo in front of their students, give hands-on, practical education, through one-on-one coaching and correction on student work.

Syn Studio Credit Programs

Concept Art Diploma Program (18 Months)

The Concept Art Diploma Program is an intensive 18 month (1200 hours) course of study that has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research of Quebec as an attestation of college studies (AEC) which makes it Quebec’s first and only accredited program in Concept Art. The program’s tri-part focus on design fundamentals, digital techniques, and industry experience ensures that students have the foundation for launching careers in a variety of fields upon graduation including: character design, environment design, creature design, prop and vehicle design, and more

For more information and to apply, visit:

About Montreal

Syn Studio is located in the heart of Montreal, one of the cultural and artistic capitals of the world. In 2015 The Economist rated Montreal the 2nd best city to live in the world and is recognized by the United Nations Economic Scientific and Cultural Organization as one of the world’s cities of design. It is a vibrant hub of activity for both student life and is one the most affordable cities in North America. Best of all, it is a world entertainment hub, attracting new studios and new concept art jobs.


Concept Art Diploma Requirements

In order to apply for Syn Studio’s Concept Art Diploma the prospective student must show a proficient grasp of the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and digital painting through a portfolio submission. In addition, prospective students are required to submit a letter of motivation as well as a transcript of studies.


December 8th, 2015 – Early Portfolio/Application Review

March 2nd, 2016 – General Portfolio/Application Review


Concept Art Diploma

The tuition for Syn Studio`s Diploma in Concept Art is $29,995 including fees, $4982.50 per term for a total of 6 terms. Initial $50 application fee and $50 registration fee.